As human health progresses from small molecule (drug) therapies to actual “living medicines” or live cells used in cell therapy, the importance of keeping these cells alive throughout bioproduction becomes paramount.

Tremendous advances have taken place in the science of cell cryopreservation since its accidental discovery in 1959, including solution components, freeze and thaw protocols, equipment, software, containers, and packaging. Similarly, tremendous advances in immunology, proteomics and genomics, cell collection, isolation, genetic engineering, cell culture and expansion have enabled the manufacture of promising cell therapies and precision medicine to reach the forefront of clinical medicine.

This collection of research is built from many of these advances, and as important as the solution is, the science of cryopreservation is not only about the solution. As you work your way through other areas of the library, you will find that BioLife Solutions advances a best practices approach to cryopreservation. BioLife scientists can help you optimize and scale your processes from growth and preparation of cells for freezing, cryopreservation solution selection, freezing protocol, thawing protocol, through to post thaw recovery, viability, and delivery – all backed by scientific evidence and ongoing experience.

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