2019 | Thawing | Articles

Biospecimen Science of Blood for Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cell (PBMC) Functional Applications.

Authors: Norris, P. J. and Stone, M., Betsou, F., Gaignaux, A., Ammerlaan, W.

Published: Current Pathobiology Reports

2019 | Thawing | Articles

Robust and highly efficient hiPSC generation from patient non-mobilized peripheral blood-derived CD34+ cells using the auto-erasable Sendai virus vector

Authors: Lin, Yamauchi, Kawahata, Kumaki, Nishimura, Waki, Morio, T., H., T., K., E., K., H., Kanegane, Shoda, Kadowaki, Kohsaka, Okano, Ohtaka, Tamaru, Okumura, H., H., T., H., T., M., T., Horie, Hasegawa, Natsumoto, Tanaka, Moritake, Ono, Nakanishi, Y., S., H., B., H., H., S., M., Lai, Sasako, Mizoguchi, Fujio, Kitanaka, Nunoi, Tanita, Otsu, C., T., F., K., S., H., K., M.

Published: Stem Cell Research & Therapy

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