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2022 | Hypothermic Storage | Articles

Novel topical allogeneic bone-marrow-derived mesenchymal stem cell treatment of hard-to-heal diabetic foot ulcers: a proof of concept study

Authors: S., P., Andersen, Steeneveld, J.A., E., Rasmussen, Kirketerp‑Møller, A., K., Frimodt‑Møller, O’Brien, M., T., Engberg, and Rossing

Published: Stem Cell Research & Therapy

2021 | Hypothermic Storage | Articles

Hepatocyte size fractionation allows dissection of human liver zonation

Authors: A., A., Ölander, Handin, LeCluyse, M., N., E.L., Wegler, Pedersen, Urdzik, J., C., J.M., Artursson, Flörkemeier, Vildhede, P., I., A., Treyer, Mateus

Published: Journal of Cellular Physiology

2019 | Hypothermic Storage | Articles

Monocytes/Macrophages play a pathogenic role in IL-23 mediated psoriasis-like skin inflammation

Authors: P., K., Z., Wang, Scott, Gauvin, Weinberg, Y., V. E., D., I., Edelmayer, McGaraughty, Leys, Namovic, M., R., S., L., Gauld, Wetter, Paulsboe, S. B., J., S., Honore, Salte, Su

Published: Scientific Reports

2019 | Hypothermic Storage | Articles

Novel tumor suppressor role of miRNA-876 in cholangiocarcinoma

Authors: R., D., L., Ursu, Kashani-Sabet, Bezrookove, Nosrati, S., M., V., M., Majid, Dar, Desprez, Yimam, K., S., A. A., P., Hassoun, Garger, McAllister, A., C., S., Osorio, de Semir, Soroceanu

Published: Oncogenesis

2019 | Hypothermic Storage | Articles

Proteomic and Functional Analysis of In Vitro Systems for Studies of Drug Disposition in the Human Small Intestine and Liver (PhD dissertation).

Authors: Ölander, M.

Published: Acta Universitatis Upsaliensis, Uppsala

2019 | Hypothermic Storage | Articles

Small Molecule IL-36γ Antagonist as a Novel Therapeutic Approach for Plaque Psoriasis

Authors: B., S. J., W., S. E., S. M., J. B., Sun, McGaraughty, Todorović, Sadhukhan, Salte, Argiriadi, Sun, C. C., V., R., K. M., M. A., Q., Scott, Su, Stockmann, McDonald, Henry, Gerstein, C. E., V. E., Z., H., H. A., S. P., R. F., Medina, Putman, Richardson, Wetter, Honore, Herold, L., C. B., P. L., J. B., P., J. M., Sielaff, Kakavas, Qiu, Paulsboe, Gopalakrishnan, Shotwell

Published: Scientific Reports

2019 | Hypothermic Storage | Articles

The immune cell landscape in kidneys of patients with lupus nephritis

Authors: D. A., F., W. F., A., J. H., D., C., B., T. M., M., W., Kamen, Massarotti, Arazi, Nusbaum, Slowikowski, McInnis, Liu, Brenner, Steelman, Kalunian, Jonsson, D. L., A., C., K., E. A., Y., M. B., S., K. C., A. H., Furie, Rao, Raychaudhuri, Browne, Buyon, Hoover, Wofsy, Smilek, Woodle, Li, S., R. A., D. A., S., E. P., J. P., P. J., D., E., D. E., E. S., Lieb, Payan-Schober, Berthier, Kretzler, Noma, Petri, Chicoine, Dall’Era, Tosta, Lederer, J. A., D. J., F., C. C., M., A., M. A., Hacohen, A., M., P., Hildeman, Zhang, Pendergraft, Davidson, Anolik, Sutherby, Putterman, N. and Diamond, Eisenhaure, Park, Apruzzese

Published: Nature Immunology

2018 | Hypothermic Storage | Articles

Development and validation of broad-spectrum magnetic particle labelling processes for cell therapy manufacturing

Authors: J., V., Harrison, Marsh, R., S., Lugo Leija, Denning, H. A., C., Strohbuecker, El Haj, S., A., Crutchley, Sottile

Published: Stem Cell Research & Therapy

2018 | Hypothermic Storage | Articles

High fidelity hypothermic preservation of primary tissues in organ transplant preservative for single cell transcriptome analysis

Authors: Wang W, Penland L, Gokce O, Croote D, Quake SR.

Published: BMC Genomics

2018 | Hypothermic Storage | Articles

Mesenchymal Stromal Cells Based Therapy in Systemic Sclerosis: Rational and Challenges

Authors: E., Peltzer, Lataillade, J., J. and Martinaud, Aletti, C., M., Frescaline, N., Busson

Published: Frontiers In Immunology

2018 | Hypothermic Storage | Articles

The Importance of Collection, Processing and Biopreservation Best Practices in Determining CAR-T Starting Material Quality

Authors: Juliano L., Eastwood G., Berard T., Mathew AJ.

Published: Cell Gene Therapy Insights

2017 | Hypothermic Storage | Articles

Bioengineering Solutions for Manufacturing Challenges in CAR T Cells

Authors: P., K., Piscopo, Murphy, N. J., W. L., Mueller, Palecek, K. P., S. P., Das, Capitini, A., C. M., Hematti, Saha

Published: Biotechnology Journal

2017 | Hypothermic Storage | Articles

Development and Characterization of a Human and Mouse Intestinal Epithelial Cell Monolayer Platform

Authors: Leadbetter, Kozuka, Lewis, He, Zhong, Koo-McCoy, Charmot, Kumaraswamy, Balaa, Nie, King, Shaw, Caldwell, Chan, Siegel

Published: Stem Cell Reports

2017 | Hypothermic Storage | Articles

Hair Transplantation Controversies

Authors: Avram, M., Finney, R., Rogers, N.

Published: Dermatologic Surgery

2017 | Hypothermic Storage | Articles

Optimal Storage Conditions for Apheresis Research (OSCAR): a Biomedical Excellence for Safer Transfusion (BEST) Collaborative study

Authors: Gniadek, Garritsen, Stroncek, Szczepiorkowski, McKenna

Published: Transfusion

2017 | Hypothermic Storage | Articles

Preclinical development of an automated injection device for intradermal delivery of a cell-based therapy

Authors: Mount N., Leoni G., Sharpe M., Lyness A., Ginty P., Schutte R., Pillai G., Sharma G., Kemp P.

Published: Drug Delivery and Translational Research

2017 | Hypothermic Storage | Articles

Regulation of valve interstitial cell homeostasis by mechanical deformation: implications for heart valve disease and surgical repair

Authors: Sacks, Ayoub, Lee, Driesbaugh, Anselmo, Hughes, Ferrari, Gorman

Published: Journal of the Royal Society

2017 | Hypothermic Storage | Articles

Repair of Torn Avascular Meniscal Cartilage Using Undifferentiated Autologous Mesenchymal Stem Cells: From In Vitro Optimization to a First-in-Human Study

Authors: Whitehouse M, Howells N, Parry M, Austin E, et al.

Published: Stem Cells Translational Medicine

2016 | Hypothermic Storage | Articles

Dual transcriptome profiling of Leishmania-infected human macrophages reveals distinct reprogramming signatures.

Authors: Fernandes MC, Dillon LA, Belew AT, Bravo HC, Mosser DM, El-Sayed NM.

Published: mBio (2016) 7(3):e00027-16.

2016 | Hypothermic Storage | Articles

Intrapericardial Delivery of Cardiosphere-Derived Cells: An Immunological Study in a Clinically Relevant Large Animal Model

Authors: Blázquez R, Sánchez-Margallo FM, Crisóstomo V, et al.

Published: PLoS ONE

2016 | Hypothermic Storage | Articles

Response to Intravenous Allogeneic Equine Cord Blood-Derived Mesenchymal Stromal Cells Administered from Chilled or Frozen State in Serum and Protein-Free Media.

Authors: Williams LB, Co C, Koenig JB, Tse C, Lindsay E, Koch TG

Published: Frontiers in Veterinary Science

2016 | Hypothermic Storage | Articles

Small molecule distribution in rat lung: a comparison of various cryoprotectants as inflation media and their applicability to MSI.

Authors: Baijnath S, Shobo A, Bester LA, et al.

Published: Journal of Molecular Histology (2016) 47: 213.

2016 | Hypothermic Storage | Articles

The iXCELL-DCM Trial: Rationale and Design.

Authors: Henry TD, Schaer GL, DeMaria A, Recker D, Remmers AE, Goodrich J, Patel A.

Published: Cell Transplantation

2015 | Hypothermic Storage | Articles

Cryopreservation and Hypothermal Storage of Hematopoietic Stem Cells

Authors: AlMulhem, Norah

Published: University of Cincinnati, Allied Health Sciences: Transfusion and Transplantation Sciences

2015 | Hypothermic Storage | Articles

Efficacy of Skin and Nasal Povidone-Iodine Preparation against mupirocin resistant MRSA and Staphylococcus aureus within the anterior nares.

Authors: Anderson MJ, David ML, Scholz M, Bull SJ, Morse D, Stevens MH, Peterson ML.

Published: Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy

2015 | Hypothermic Storage | Articles

Hair restoration surgery: challenges and solutions

Authors: Rose PT.

Published: Clinical, Cosmetic and Investigational Dermatology

2015 | Hypothermic Storage | Articles

Intrapericardial Administration of Mesenchymal Stem Cells in a Large Animal Model: A Bio-Distribution Analysis.

Authors: Blázquez R, Sánchez-Margallo FM, Crisóstomo V, Báez C, Maestre J, García-Lindo M, et al.

Published: PLoS ONE

2014 | Hypothermic Storage | Articles

Bio-Enhanced Hair Restoration

Authors: Cooley, J

Published: Hair Transplant Forum

2014 | Hypothermic Storage | Articles

Developing an Advances Therapy Medicinal Product (ATMP) for the treatment of GvHD

Authors: Antunes, Santos

Published: FCT: Departamento de Ciências da Vida

2014 | Hypothermic Storage | Articles

High-speed multispectral confocal biomedical imaging.

Authors: Carver GE, Locknar SA, Morrison WA, Ramanujan VK, Farkas DL.

Published: Journal of Biomedical Optics

2013 | Hypothermic Storage | Articles

A review of cellular biopreservation considerations during hair transplantation.

Authors: Mathew AJ.

Published: Hair Transplant Forum International

2013 | Hypothermic Storage | Articles

Cardiopoietic Stem Cell Therapy in Heart Failure.

Authors: Bartunek J, Behfar A, Dolatabadi D, Vanderheyden M, Ostojic M, Dens J, et al.

Published: Journal of the American College of Cardiology

2013 | Hypothermic Storage | Articles

Fibroblast cell therapy enhances initial healing in recessive dystrophic epidermolysis bullosa wounds: results of a randomized, vehicle-controlled trial

Authors: Petrof G, Martinez-Queipo M, Mellerio J, Kemp P, McGrath J

Published: British Journal of Dermatology

2013 | Hypothermic Storage | Articles

Isolation and Characterization of 2 New Human Rotator Cuff and Long Head of Biceps Tendon Cells Possessing Stem Cell–Like Self-Renewal and Multipotential Differentiation Capacity.

Authors: Tringali C, Randelli P, Cabitza P, Conforti E, Tettamanti G, Piccoli M, Gagliano N, Ragone V, Anastasia L., Creo P, Bergante S, Cirillo F, Ghiroldi A, Masuzzo P

Published: The American Journal of Sports Medicine

2013 | Hypothermic Storage | Articles

Mechanism of Autoinduction of Methadone N-Demethylation in Human Hepatocytes.

Authors: Campbell SD, Crafford A, Williamson BL, Kharasch ED.

Published: Anesthesia & Analgesia

2013 | Hypothermic Storage | Articles

Supercooling as a Viable Non-Freezing Cell Preservation Method of Rat Hepatocytes

Authors: Usta OB, Kim Y, Ozer S, Bruinsma BG, Lee J, Demir E, et al. 

Published: PLOS ONE

2012 | Hypothermic Storage | Articles

Evaluation of Bone Marrow-Derived MSC after Cryopreservation and Hypothermic Storage in Clinically Safe Medium.

Authors: Ginis I, Grinblat B, Shirvan MH.

Published: Tissue Engineering Part C: Methods

2012 | Hypothermic Storage | Articles

Implantation of undifferentiated and predifferentiated human neural stem cells in the R6/2 transgenic mouse model of Huntington’s disease.

Authors: Akabawy GE, Rattray I, Johansson SM, Gale R, Bates G, Modo M.

Published: BMC Neuroscience

2012 | Hypothermic Storage | Articles

Implantation Site and Lesion Topology Determine Efficacy of a Human Neural Stem Cell Line in a Rat Model of Chronic Stroke.

Authors: Sinden JD, Smith EJ, Modo M., Stroemer RP, Gorenkova N, Nakajima M, Crum WR, Tang E, Stevanato L

Published: Stem Cells

2011 | Hypothermic Storage | Articles

Interim analysis results from the RESTORE-CLI, a randomized, double-blind multicenter phase II trial comparing expanded autologous bone marrow-derived tissue repair cells and placebo in patients with critical limb ischemia.

Authors: Marston WA, Powell RJ, Bartel RL, Comerota AJ, Longcore A, Berceli SA, Stern T, Guzman R, Watling S., Henry TD, Tzeng E, Velazquez O

Published: Journal of Vascular Surgery 2011 Oct;54(4):1032-41.

2011 | Hypothermic Storage | Articles

Packaging Considerations for Biopreservation

Authors: Erik J. Woods and Sreedhar Thirumala.

Published: Transfusion Medicine and Hemotherapy

2011 | Hypothermic Storage | Articles

Packaging Considerations for Biopreservation Transfusion Medicine and Hemotherapy.

Authors: Woods EJ, Thirumala S.

Published: Transfusion Medicine and Hemotherapy

2011 | Hypothermic Storage | Articles

Perivascular Human Endometrial Mesenchymal Stem Cells Express Pathways Relevant to Self-Renewal, Lineage Specification, and Functional Phenotyp.

Authors: Tamaresis JS, Spitzer TL, Hamilton AE, Rojas A, Irwin JC, ZelenkoZ, Giudice LC., Aghajanova L, Erikson DW, Barragan F, Meyer M

Published: Biology of Reproduction

2010 | Hypothermic Storage | Articles

Hepatocyte Cryopreservation: Is it Time to Change the Strategy?

Authors: Stéphenne X, Najimi M, Sokal EM.

Published: World Journal of Gastroenterology

2010 | Hypothermic Storage | Articles

I’m Losing Cell Viability and Function at Different Points in My Process, and I Don’t Know Why!

Authors: Mathew, AJ.

Published: BioProcess International

2010 | Hypothermic Storage | Articles

Manipulation of Suspended Single Cells by Microfluidics and Optical Tweezers.

Authors: Nève N, Kohles SS, Winn SR, Tretheway DC.

Published: Cellular and Molecular Bioengineering

2010 | Hypothermic Storage | Articles

Phase IIa open-label dose-escalation pilot study using allogeneic human dermal fibroblasts for nasolabial folds.

Authors: Lowe NJ, Lowe PL, St. Clair Roberts J.

Published: Dermatologic Surgery

2010 | Hypothermic Storage | Articles

Review of Factors Affecting the Growth and Survival of Follicular Grafts.

Authors: Parsley WM, Perez-Meza D.

Published: Journal of Cutaneous and Aesthetic Surgery

2010 | Hypothermic Storage | Articles

The Effects of Tissue Sample Size and Media on Short-Term Hypothermic Preservation of Porcine Testis Tissue.

Authors: Yang Y, Steeg J, Honaramooz A.

Published: Cell and Tissue Research

2009 | Hypothermic Storage | Articles

Hypothermic storage of isolated human hepatocytes: a comparison between University of Wisconsin solution and a HypoThermosol platform.

Authors: Ostrowska A, Gu K, Bode DC, Van Buskirk RG.

Published: Archives of Toxicology

2008 | Hypothermic Storage | Articles

Collection, Cryopreservation, and Characterization of Human Dental Pulp–Derived Mesenchymal Stem Cells for Banking and Clinical Use.

Authors: Woods EJ, Perry BC, Goebel WS, Zhou D, Wu X, Yang FC, Byers MA, Chu TMG, Hockema JJ

Published: Goebel Tissue Engineering Part C: Methods

2005 | Hypothermic Storage | Articles

Advances in Media for Cryopreservation and Hypothermic Storage

Authors: Baust JM.

Published: BioProcess International Supplement

2005 | Hypothermic Storage | Articles

Biological Packaging for the Global Cell and Tissue Therapy Markets.

Authors: Snyder KK, Van Buskirk RG, Baust JM, Mathew AJ, Baust JG.

Published: BioProcessing Journal May/June: 39-46 (2004).

2005 | Hypothermic Storage | Articles

Enhanced Hypothermic Storage of Neonatal Cardiomyocytes.

Authors: Snyder KK, Van Buskirk RG, Baust JM, Mathew AJ, Baust JG.

Published: Cell Preservation Technology

2004 | Hypothermic Storage | Articles

Cell Preservation in Reparative and Regenerative Medicine: Evolution of Individualized Solution Composition.

Authors: Mathew AJ, Baust JM, Van Buskirk RG, Baust JG.

Published: Tissue Engineering

2004 | Hypothermic Storage | Articles

Hypothermic Storage and Cryopreservation - Successful Short- and Long-term Preservation of Cells and Tissues.

Authors: Van Buskirk RG, Baust JM, Snyder KK, Mathew AJ, Baust JG.

Published: Bioprocessing International

2004 | Hypothermic Storage | Articles

Ischemia-Reperfusion Injury and Graft Storage Solutions

Authors: Cooley, J

Published: Hair Transplant Forum International

2004 | Hypothermic Storage | Articles

Preservation of rat livers by cold storage: a comparison between the University of Wisconsin solution and HypoThermosol.

Authors: Bessems M, Doorschodt BM, van Vliet AK, van Gulik TM.

Published: Annals of Transplantation

2004 | Hypothermic Storage | Articles

Transplantation Diagnostics: A Preliminary Analysis Using Protein Microarray to Determine Kidney Status Prior To and Following Implantation.

Authors: Baust JM, Mathew AJ, Snyder K, Liu E, Van Buskirk RG, Hardy M, Baust JG.

Published: Cell Preservation Technology

2003 | Hypothermic Storage | Articles

Improved Hypothermic Preservation of Human Renal Cells Through Suppression of Both Apoptosis and Necrosis.

Authors: Mathew AJ, Van Buskirk RG, Baust JG.

Published: Cell Preservation Technology

2001 | Hypothermic Storage | Articles

Ultraprofound cerebral hypothermia and blood substitution with an acellular synthetic solution maintains neuronal viability in rat hippocampus.

Authors: Ikonomovic M, Kelly KM, Hentosz TM, Shih SR, Armstrong DM, Taylor MJ.

Published: CryoLetters

2000 | Hypothermic Storage | Articles

Navigating the Postpreservation Viability Fog.

Authors: Van Buskirk RG, Snyder KK, Mathew AJ, Baust JG, Baust JM.

Published: GEN. Nov 1, 2006 (Vol. 26, No. 19)

1999 | Hypothermic Storage | Articles

Vitamin E and EDTA improve the efficacy of HypoThermosol – implication of apoptosis.

Authors: Mathew AJ, Hollister WR, Addona T, Baust JG, Van Buskirk RG.

Published: In Vitro and Molecular Toxicology

1997 | Hypothermic Storage | Articles

Optimization of HypoThermosol for the hypothermic storage of cardiac cells - addition of EDTA.

Authors: Mathew AJ, Baust JG, Van Buskirk RG.

Published: In Vitro Toxicology

1996 | Hypothermic Storage | Articles

Assessment of hypothermic storage of normal human epidermal keratinocytes (NHEK) using alamar blue.

Authors: Van Buskirk RG, Rauch J, Robert S, Taylor MJ, Baust JG.

Published: In Vitro Toxicology

1995 | Hypothermic Storage | Articles

A New Solution for Life Without Blood: Asanguineous Low-Flow Perfusion of a Whole-Body Perfusate During 3 Hours of Cardiac Arrest and Profound Hypothermia.

Authors: Maroon JC., Taylor MJ, Bailes JE, Elrifai AM, Shih SR, Teeple E, Leavitt ML, Baust JG

Published: Circulation

1995 | Hypothermic Storage | Articles

Cold-storage of synthetic human epidermis in HypoThermosol.

Authors: Cook JR, Eichelberger H, Robert S, Rauch J, Baust JG, Taylor MJ, Van Buskirk RG.

Published: Tissue Engineering

1995 | Hypothermic Storage | Articles

Hypothermic blood substitution enables resuscitation after hemorrhagic shock and 2 hours of cardiac arrest.

Authors: Simon D, Taylor MJ, Elrifai AM, et al.

Published: American Society for Artificial Internal Organs Journal

1994 | Hypothermic Storage | Articles

Use of hypothermically stored keratinocyte cultures for in vitro toxicology.

Authors: Rhoads LS.

Published: Journal of Toxicology

October 2023 | Hypothermic Storage | Articles

Cryopreservation: An Overview of Principles and Cell-Specific Considerations

Authors: A., Whaley, Alexander, D., M., Damyar, & Lakey, K., J., Witek, R., Mendoza

Published: Cell Transplantation

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