Hypothermic Storage


Apheresis collections, the starting material for CAR-T cell therapies and manufactured cell products, are time and temperature sensitive. 

Removing any biologic material from the body starts a race against time. Hypothermic preservation is employed to reduce metabolism and the need for oxygen and nutrients, extending the stability (shelf life) long enough to get the product to the patient for safe and effective treatment.

The optimization of traditional cell, tissue and organ biopreservation media formulations and organ storage solutions into a new class of broadly applicable, highly effective products has been the focus of BioLife Solutions for the last several years. The collection of research within this library has developed alongside these advancements. As you work your way through this and other areas of the library, you will find that BioLife advances a best practices approach to biopreservation. BioLife scientists will help you optimize and scale your processes from growth and preparation of cells for freezing, hypothermic preservation solution selection, freezing protocol, thawing protocol, through to post thaw recovery, viability, and delivery – all backed by scientific evidence and ongoing experience.

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